The Art of Feminine Presence

Be Confident, Magnetic, and Keep Your Center No Matter What!


Feel More Like the Woman You Always Wanted To Be: Learn to Live Your Sensuality, Intuition, and Confidence Through the Art of Feminine Presence®

What is “Feminine”?
The feminine essence lives inside every woman and is unique to every woman. It’s an energetic, empowering, and magnetic quality that has nothing to do with the way you look on the outside.
When a woman embodies her feminine essence she does not need to project a powerful persona to attract the respect and attention she wants. She becomes attractive, radiant, sensual, and grounded.
What is “Presence”?
There are women who walk into a room and are noticed by many. They have an air of confidence about them that is attractive. There are others who frequently comment that “no one remembers I was even there.” The first woman has presence, and the second does not. Having presence makes people feel more attracted to you and trusting of you.
In the pursuit of a career, or having to take care of so many people around them, many women have disconnected from their feminine essence and their personal presence without realizing it. This disconnect affects everything – from being able to attract and keep a passionate, lasting love to the state of your health; from fulfillment in your work to the unfortunate situation of women competing against other women in unhealthy ways.
Instead of feeling stressed out and under-appreciated, how would you like to feel radiant, magnetic, and comfortable in your body, connected to your intuition so you can make great decisions for your life, as well as being authentically and effortlessly confident so you can claim the stage of your life and make the positive changes that you’ve wanted?
It’s totally possible with Art of Feminine Presence®!
I used to feel plain and invisible, although I secretly longed to be magnetic and radiant. By practicing the skills of the Art of Feminine Presence®, my inner beauty and magnetism has come to the surface so that I can get the positive attention I want in a way that feels safe to me. I feel more relaxed, life flows more easily, and I now get a lot more of the positive attention I want, which helps me both in my personal life and in my business.
The Art of Feminine Presence® is about connecting with and bringing out your authentic presence in order to allow you to feel comfortable being more of who you are. It is for women who are ready to embrace change and develop their personal presence, and who are willing to go deeper into themselves.
AFP is not about putting on a fake attitude or modifying your external appearance in some way. Everything about it helps you to be more authentically you so you can be more fully in your power.
This is not fluffy, esoteric work that feels good in the moment, but has no lasting effect in the real
These practices have tangible and practical results for women who want to hold their center no matter what and create positive change in their lives, as well as helping women develop a powerful, feminine presence so they can be more like the woman they’ve always wanted to be.

If you are a woman who wants to feel more confident, centered, and attractive, and who wants to be more appreciated and respected, whether at home, at work, or out in the world, through the Art of Feminine Presence® you will discover tools you can use to:

– Develop a physical and energetic presence that attracts the attention you want – personally and professionally.


– Be more at ease in setting clear boundaries with others. Learn to stay in your center no matter what is going on around you so you can hold your ground, speak your mind, be heard, respected, and appreciated.


– Look and feel more confident when you walk into a room so all of your skills and talents can be more seen and appreciated.


– Feel more comfortable with your sensuality and with receiving positive attention.


– Experience more passion in your life, particularly in your love life.


– Learn to follow your higher guidance rather than always pushing to make things happen. Be more connected to your intuition so you can make better decisions for your life and stop second guessing yourself.

“I don’t know what your doing with this Art of Feminine Presence, but the men are now beating down my door to get a date with me! And they’re a much healthier quality of man than before.”
Jan Walker, Seattle, WA

Real results that my students have had through practicing the Art of Feminine Presence:
Being able to stay grounded with difficult family members, and no longer being sucked in to their drama
Being able to set and keep healthy boundaries with significant people in their life
Getting more respect at work
Relief from chronic pain of fibromyalgia
Getting more dates with better quality men, all with less effort
Being able to more deeply hold space for clients while doing healing work
Feeling simultaneously more energized and more relaxed
Feeling more confident
Feeling a more powerful and sacred connection with their bodies

I offer Art of Feminine Presence® classes in a 5 week series, as well as Art of Feminine Presence® Introductory Nights.
I am also available for private AFP coaching sessions. Contact me for more information and to schedule (be sure to make the necessary adjustments to this email address. Just trying to keep down the spam!): annyaish(at)Annya-Ishtara-Dance(dot)com.
The best way to know about upcoming classes is to sign up on my email list on the bottom of the page.

Art of Feminine Presence: Introductory Night

Date: Coming soon!

Time: To be announced.

Location: Qigong Academy, 129 Paseo del Pueblo Sur, Taos, NM

Cost: $25   Bring a friend for free!
Click the button below to register for the Introductory Night.


Art of Feminine Presence: 5 Week Series

Preregistration is required for this class.
Class Dates: Coming soon
Time: To be announced

Location: Qigong Academy, 129 Paseo del Pueblo Sur, Taos, NM

Cost: $187 prepaid 2 days before class starts
Early Bird Price: $147 prepaid 1 week before class starts
Click the button below to register for the 5 Week Art of Feminine Presence class at the Early Bird price.

By now you’re probably thinking, “This class sounds great, but I'm not sure about a few things…”

So let me help you get a little clearer!

“I don’t have the money.”
Yes, it is an investment, but especially, it is an investment in you. Just for a moment, picture yourself more relaxed, grounded, radiant, and filled with authentic confidence. Your credibility has risen. Your boss and co-workers now see and appreciate you more. Or perhaps, if you work for yourself, your clients are raving even more to all their friends and acquaintances about your work. Everyone is so impressed with the new, self assured, radiant you, that they are happy to give you the raise or promotion you’ve been wanting, or pay your new, higher fee. In the long run, the skills you learn in this class can actually make you more money!
“I don’t have the time.”
We are all so busy these days! I totally get it. Just out of curiosity, ask yourself how much time you would save if you didn’t have to work so hard because people were inclined to help the first time you asked, rather than having to ask repeatedly? How much time would you save if people you wanted to work with were magnetically drawn to you rather than you spending time and effort to find new clients? I bet you spend a fair amount of time and energy on these things. When you practice the Art of Feminine Presence®, you become more magnetic to people and situations that you want, and life flows more smoothly because you are more in alignment with your true self. Not only is life more enjoyable, but you save time and energy too.
“I don’t want to be seen. It’s too scary.”
I get it. That was me too. What I’ve found is that as I become more centered and grounded through the Art of Feminine Presence®, I feel more comfortable and safe being myself, regardless of what is going on around me. This work can help you get that too. As a by-product of feeling centered, grounded, and safe, you might find that you don’t mind being seen, and that it may even be beneficial to be seen. For example, when you want to be taken seriously at work, or when you want to be noticed by a special someone, being seen as you want to be seen is important. When you practice AFP you also still have control over how much you are seen.
“I’m already in touch with my feminine, so I don’t think I need this.”
It’s great that you feel connected with your feminine because so many women don’t. When you feel even more centered, grounded, and connected to your feminine energy, just think how much more joy and positive change there could be in your life! Whether you want to become magnetic to your ideal mate, revive the spark in a long term relationship, or get the credit you deserve at work so you can get that raise, when you are more in your feminine, your life flows more easily and it is easier to make the positive changes that you want to make so you can live the life you want.
“I don’t know if it will work for me.”
I understand that different practices resonate differently with different people. You might want to ask yourself how what you’re currently doing is working for you. If you’re still not where you really want to be, you might want to try another approach, such as the 5 week Art of Feminine Presence® class. Every woman I’ve ever seen who actually practices and applies AFP discovers all kinds of benefits from this work, beyond what she originally came for.
It’s true – YOU can shine your brightest, on stage or off, and feel confident, magnetic, and safe.
If you want to get a little taste of this work before you dive in deep, give the Art of Feminine Presence Introductory Night a try.
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If you’re ready for the 5 Week deep dive Art of Feminine Presence® class, click the button below to register for the 5 week class.

I’d love to go on this transformational Art of Feminine Presence® journey with you!

About Annya Ishtara

As a licensed Art of Feminine Presence® teacher, I guide women in seeing and experiencing new possibilities for themselves through movement and energy so they can live grounded, delicious, full lives.
I have trained in a wide variety of dance and movement modalities since the 1970’s, including belly dance, qigong, tai chi, and yoga, which I have studied in Turkey, China, and India, as well as in the USA. I am a trained massage therapist, Reiki initiate, and licensed minister.
I enjoy sharing with conscious women what I have learned over many years so that they may flourish and become more of the women they have always wanted to be.