Advanced Belly Dance Class - Online! Skills and Drills for Ease


Develop the strength, clarity, and ease of your belly dance movements so you can more freely express yourself through your dance! Refine the fluidity of your slow, slinky movement and add precision to your linear and vibrating moves with the practices of this 4 week online class for advanced belly dancers.

While I don’t think you need tons of strength to do belly dancing, I find that when I improve my functional strength and practice mental and physical dexterity in my movement, my dance becomes that much more effortless. This brings me to a place where I can put my attention on expression and joy. And this to me, is the soul of the dance, the place where I really want to be – not bogged down in trying to get my body to do stuff, leaving the expressive component in the proverbial dust.

This class is designed to help your body allow your expressive spirit to fly free!


What we focus on in this 4 week series:

    • Useful muscular strength for belly dance
    • Building energetic strength in the power center of the belly
    • Healthy body alignment for injury prevention as well as aesthetics
    • Advanced layering combinations
    • Tricky micro-movement combinations
    • Deep abdominal articulation
    • Practice applying these tools to belly dance in a relaxed, effortless manner, thereby giving you space to experience and offer the gift of your joy, along with technical excellence


If you enjoy being physically and mentally challenged in dance, this will be a good fit for you!

If you feel that technique is the servant of emotional expression in dance, this will probably be a good fit for you too. This is because when you develop clarity of movement, as well as strength, your technique becomes effortless. This gives you more freedom to focus on expressing yourself and your music, rather than concentrating on doing the moves.


Course Details

  • Next 2020 dates coming soon!
  • 6 – 7 PM Mountain Daylight Time (UTC/GMT -6:00)
  • Online via Zoom
  • $47 for 4 classes
  • Click the “I’m in!” button below to pay with PayPal. If finances are a hardship at this time, contact me to make other arrangements: annyaish(at)Annya-Ishtara-Dance(dot)com. *Be sure to fill in the punctuation to make this a valid email address.




Thanks Annya! I had fun. You’re a fabulous teacher, explanations & break-downs are so cohesive & thorough. This has been sweet to finally study with you more regularly. I particularly love the layering & brain-expanding drills (and the up-up/twist-twist). …Thanks for truly fantastic classes Annya!

Areena Estul

Santa Fe, NM,


Will there be a class recording?

No, I will not be offering a class recording at this time, although I will record classes for my own archives.


How do I know if this class is the right level for me?

If you have been consistently studying belly dance for at least 5 years and you are dancing at a high intermediate level or beyond, this class will probably work for you, especially if you enjoy being challenged.


Refund Policy

If after the first class you are not happy with it, contact me within 48 hours and I will refund for the remaining classes.

There are no make-up classes or refunds for missed online classes. However if you do happen to miss an online class, I am usually able to send you a link for a streaming recording of the class, which is available for a few days. Please contact me as soon as possible if you miss a class so that I can send you the recording link. If you don’t contact me, I may not know that you weren’t in class and that you need a streaming link. AND, the link is only available for a few days. If you wait too long to contact me, it won’t be available for your access.

Please note that full class recordings are not included as a regular feature of online class series unless specifically stated. I offer class recordings as a courtesy only under the circumstances described above. It is the student’s responsibility to know when class is happening and to be present online at the appointed time.

For more details see the Frequently Asked Questions page.