FREE Effortless Veil Workshop - Online!



Does your veil have a mind of its own?

Does it look or feel mechanical?

Do you wish your veil flowed effortlessly through the air without getting stuck on you?

My FREE online Effortless Veil Workshop can help!


Using simple (but not simplistic!) body and breath techniques, you will:

  • feel more confident and in control of your veil
  • bring elegance and expansiveness to your veil work
  • learn techniques that you can apply to any veil move, at any skill level, to add more flow and dynamics





If you are an experienced veil dancer, you may be wondering if there is something for you in this workshop. The answer is YES!

You’ll learn:

  • techniques to hide veil mechanics from an audience as you dance the veil off your body
  • smoother transitions from one move to the next
  • body positioning through “spiraling” to make every veil pose more elegant and dynamic. This applies whether the veil is covering your body or not.
  • better body mechanics for less shoulder stress



Annya Ishtara belly dance, Taos NM

In this workshop, you’ll get:

  • a warmup specifically for veil
  • finger and fabric drills to develop dexterity and sensitivity with the fabric
  • practice the technique in a short combination you can modify for different music and moods
  • question and answer time
  • an opportunity to volunteer to get feedback on the combination that we did in the workshop


You will need a 3 yard/2.75 meter veil for this workshop.

Check out this video for an example of my veil work from :05 – 5:55, including musician interaction, using 2 veils sequentially, veil with floorwork, and more.



Class Details

  • Sunday, December 4
  • Class length is 1 hour
  • 1 PM EST/11 AM MST/10 AM PST /GMT -7
  • Here’s a time zone converter if you need it:
  • On Zoom

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Annya Ishtara’s veil dance creates beautiful cascades of wafting colors that seem to magically outline the musical contours in real time.  She can entice you and your floating fabric friend to soar together in partnership as well.  Her veil work is based on breath, fined tuned technique, and a high sense of aesthetics.  Her profound body awareness and warm personality give her classes grounding rare in the dance world.  Annya is a vibrant, conscientious and kind teacher in person or online.
Meg York, Musician

Denver, CO,


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