The Power of Yin: 5 Weeks of Qigong Rejuvenation for Women

Women's Qigong, taos NM
The power of yin for women is the nurturing power of softness, gentleness, and stillness which brings us into a state of feeling vibrant, centered, and energized. This is a beautiful state to just BE in, and it’s a solid platform from which to take effective action in the world.
I’m offering a 5-week class called The Power of Yin: 5 Weeks of Qigong Rejuvenation for Women to help you begin to cultivate the power of your own yin. You’ll learn how to fill the inner well of your being so that you’re not running on empty all the time. You’ll be able to fill yourself up so that you can start to live your life from fullness, and even an overflow of energy.

This class for women who feel tired and drained and who aren’t sure how to recharge. It’s for women who are burned out. And it’s for women who want more energy, joy, and connection with themselves. And it is definitely for sensitive women who feel easily overwhelmed by life.

I know because I was one of those women!


In the past before I was doing the types of qigong practices that I will be sharing, I found that, although I was doing what is often thought of as excellent self care, I didn’t feel much benefit. I knew that what I was doing was better than nothing, but I also felt drained by my so-called self care practices. They had minimal positive impact on me.
However, as I began to fill myself up through the qigong practices that I will be sharing in the 5 week Power of Yin class, I found that the other kind of self care practices made more of a difference, but I didn’t need them as much. The reason was that my essential energy was being well nourished. Without that energy nourishment, many potentially beneficial self care practices just don’t have the same level of benefit because the body doesn’t have the energy and resources to make use of the activity.
Doing the Power of Yin work was the missing piece of the puzzle that helped put everything else together for me.
Through the Power of Yin course you will start to build your inner resources of energy, self-assurance, resilience, and joy. Not only will you strengthen your energy body and your physical body, but you will start to know yourself better.
You will learn qigong practices that give you more energy than it takes to do them so that you will actually be filling yourself up with these energy self care practices, rather than just checking something off your to-do list of things that are supposed to be good for you.
While this course is not a quick fix, you will notice immediate differences in your life. It is about bringing up your personal energy and deeply valuing yourself so that you have more energy to do the things that matter to you with grace and ease.
In my own life, the qigong practices that I will be sharing have radically improved my mood and energy levels. They have helped to bring me clarity in my life, as well as greater self assurance and confidence. I have learned to value myself, and my skills and talents more as a result of doing these practices. I have received massive benefit from such simple exercises!
Starting a daily qigong routine is one of the primary focuses of this course, and it is truly a wonderful, life-enhancing  gift to give yourself. Qigong has been shown to reduce pain, increase energy, heal PTSD, heal adrenal fatigue, lower blood pressure, normalize heart rate, improve balance, improve bone density, reduce anxiety and stress, enhance immune function, and much more.
While much of what you’ll learn will be qigong, we’ll incorporate other nurturing practices as well.
What you will learn:
  • How to correctly and safely build life force energy (chi or qi) in your body for increased energy and health
  • Qigong practices to rejuvenate and energize you
  • Meditations to help you deeply connect with your feminine self and your body’s wisdom
  • Restorative dance practices for joy and healing
  • A daily qigong-based routine tailored to your unique needs
My intent in this class is to help you in every way to make it easy and joyful to begin a daily, rejuvenating qigong and self care practice. Therefore, The Power of Yin course includes:
  • 5 weekly in-person classes
  • Online videos to help you practice at home
  • Written handouts to help you remember what we did in class
Here are the details of the 5-week Power of Yin class:
  • Class dates: Thursdays, September 26 – October 24, 2019
  • Time: 6 – 7:30 PM
  • Location: Taos, NM. I will send directions when I receive your payment.
  • Cost: $75 for 5 weeks, including class materials.
If you know you’re in, you can pay for the 5-week class at the monthly Women’s Qigong Gathering, or click the “Yes, I’m In” button below to pay with PayPal.
I hope you can join me to experience the Power of Yin!