The Womanly Art of Qigong:

A 5 week course for women to build pelvic and breast health and enhance energy boundaries


Your pelvis is a power center!

Within your pelvis lies your source of creativity, vitality, intuition, and more.

It’s also a physical powerhouse that can impart effortless leverage to the movements of your body. And within your pelvis is the vital energy reservoir called the Dantien, where you can build energy for health and well being.

When you feel connected to the power center of your pelvis, you feel grounded, vibrant, creative, sensuous and juicy. When healthy life force energy moves through your pelvis, your pelvic organs are strong and healthy as well, bringing you a sense of power and centeredness.

However, through cultural conditioning, family indoctrination, and life experiences, many women start to lose touch with, and even abandon this part of themselves. They feel like they’ve lost their sparkle, or maybe they even have health problems in their pelvis.

You can start (re-) claiming your pelvis as a safe space where you can thrive through The Womanly Art of Qigong!

This 5 week course will help women develop a foundation for physical health and energetic strength in the pelvic area through the simple movements of qigong.

In this course we do qigong in ways that are highly beneficial for women. Women and men have different energy needs, and they each benefit from different ways of cultivating chi, or life force energy. So by practicing qigong tailored to women’s needs, women experience more benefits.

Qigong is a body of ancient energy practices from China that were developed to help people have optimal health and strength and to bring emotional and spiritual balance to their lives. The word “Qigong” means  “To cultivate life force energy.” While this sounds woo woo to many westerners, qigong is scientifically proven to:
  • increase energy
  • heal adrenal fatigue
  • lower blood pressure
  • normalize heart rate
  • improve balance
  • improve bone density
  • reduce pain
  • reduce anxiety and stress
  • enhance immune function
  • and much more
In this course you will:
  • Safely build energy in the dantien
  • Nurture your female organs and breasts for greater health and well-being
  • Bring healing energy to the major organs of the body
  • Strengthen your protective chi and auric field so that you feel more grounded and protected
  • Learn practices to help you feel chi, or life force energy

This class includes movement, self massage, breathing, meditation, being present with yourself.


Women who take my qigong courses often report feeling:

  • Simultaneously relaxed and rejuvenated 
  • Improved mood
  • Increased energy levels
  • Feeling more connected to their body, especially their pelvis


Discover the magic and healing available to within your own body through the Womanly Art of Qigong. You will bring up your radiance and shine, feel stronger, healthier, and more vibrant, and you’ll enjoy simple, gentle movements that make you feel great.

Course Details:

  • Dates to be announced
  • Tuesdays, 6 – 7:15 PM

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What if I just want to do qigong, and I don’t really care about the focus of healing the pelvis?

No problem! Join us, and do qigong for the pleasure of doing the movement and meditation for its own sake. And do understand that we will do a fair amount of focus on the pelvic area.



Can I take The Womanly Art of Qigong if I have had any of my pelvic organs removed?

Absolutely! Even when an organ is no longer physically present, the energy imprint still remains. Since we are working with energy in our qigong practice, it is a great way to connect with and strengthen this aspect of yourself.

Is this class about strengthening the pelvic floor muscles?

No, not in any specific way, and, that may indeed be an outcome of this class for you. Because we will be focusing movement and energy on the pelvic area, you may notice some positive changes in the tone of your pelvic floor.


How is this class different from the Power of Yin course?

The Power of Yin course is about rejuvenating yourself with chi. The Womanly Art of Qigong focuses more on building health in the female organs and breasts and building healthy, protective energy boundaries. There is some overlap of exercises and concepts between the 2 classes. However, the Womanly Art of Qigong includes new exercises, more focus on pelvic and breast health, and building resilience and strength in the protective chi and auric field. Also there are no videos accompanying this class as there were for the Power of Yin.

If I did the Power of Yin class already, will I benefit from The Womanly Art of Qigong?

Yes, definitely! First of all, one of the important things about doing qigong practice is not just that you know what an exercise is, but that you actually practice it in order to build health and strength in your organs and energy. So any repeat exercises will benefit you more deeply. Plus you will gain new understanding of these exercises. There will also be new material integrated with information and exercises from the Power of Yin.

I have been taking qigong classes, workshops, and doing qigong meditation with Annya for several years. I always feel so much better after doing it. I am able to move stagnant energy through and out of my body, which helps me feel more like myself again. Her qigong classes also help me feel more present in my lower body. I highly recommend Annya as a teacher, as well as qigong as a way to restore well being.

Deborah Hopper

Taos, NM

In October I went to a free Qigong intro presented by Annya at the Taos food Co-op. I enjoyed it so much that I joined a weekly class for women. I was so inspired that I asked if she would offer a qigong class at my studio. I find many beautiful overlays with the Feldenkrais Method, and I sense Annya’s extensive training and artistic skill in belly dancing informs her teaching on a deep level. I am looking forward to continued learning.

Prisca Winslow, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

Taos, NM

A deeply empowering class: Annya’s ability to transmit living cellular female wisdom is a healing in itself. Where each woman takes it is up to her.


Taos, NM

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your registration by the Early Bird date, you will receive a full refund minus any PayPal, bank, or postage fees that may be incurred. I will refund you in a check through the mail.

If you cancel after the Early Bird date, I will issue credit for a future event, to be used within 4 months of the start date of the session for which you cancelled.


If I cancel the class for any reason, I will refund you in full.