Womb Connection Series: Belly Dance and Qigong with Womb Energy

Women's Qigong and Mountain

I am super excited to share a series of classes on embodied womb connection and pelvic healing through qigong and belly dance as part of the month-long (maybe longer) Womb Room installation at OmniHum, a new gallery and event space in Taos, NM.

The Womb Connection series is 4 weeks of alternating belly dance and qigong focused classes. There will be a fair amount of both belly dance and qigong in each class as we explore the overlap of these 2 ancient healing practices in relation to womb energy.

The womb is an enormous seat of power, creativity, and wisdom. By consciously connecting with this energy, you benefit in myriad ways, including having more joy, better health, stronger boundaries, and enhanced intuition.

You don’t have to be pregnant or have pelvic problems to benefit from these practices. If you don’t have a physical womb, you can also benefit because you will be connecting with the energy imprint of your womb that exists with in your body even when the physical organ has been removed.

Each class in this series can be taken on its own. Or take them all for more fun and healing! All levels welcome.

I wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying your classes. Combining the qigong with the belly dancing is amazing. I have been taking dance classes off and on for almost 20 years, and this is the first one where I feel completely in my body. And I have developed more core strength in the last month than with any other exercise I’ve done. I am very grateful for all that you offer.
Luz Sweet

Taos, NM

Class Details

  • Belly Dance for Womb Connection – Saturdays, July 27 and August 13, 2022
  • Transformative Qigong for Womb Connection: Saturdays, August 6 and 20, 2022
  • All classes 10 – 11 AM
  • $15 suggested donation. No one turned away for lack of funds.
  • Pay at the door with cash (preferred), check, or credit card.
  • At OmniHum, 246 B Ledoux Street, Taos NM. Free parking is available in the dirt lot across from the lower end of Ledoux Street (off of Ranchitos Road). Please enter through the double wooden gate.


Women's Qigong, taos NM
A deeply empowering class: Annya’s ability to transmit living cellular female wisdom is a healing in itself. Where each woman takes it is up to her.

Taos, NM