Women’s Qigong

Women’s Qigong

Women’s Qigong Classes

Qigong is a Chinese word that means “Cultivate life force energy.” I offer this class to help women recognize and build their life force energy for greater health, vitality, awareness, and sensuality.
Discover how to boost your vitality and energy in this gentle yet powerful class geared to enhance women’s health and radiance.
You will feel relaxed and energized with each class as you build health, strength, and connection with your female energy so you can feel and look even more like the vibrant woman you are meant to be.
So why a special qigong class just for women? Most qigong is taught in ways that work better for men because this is what most teachers were taught. However, not only do women and men have different bodies, but we have different chi, or life force energy, needs.
In this women’s qigong class, we focus on building yin energy in ways that are particularly nurturing to women’s bodies. As women, we become healthy through nurturing our life force energy slowly and gradually, rather than depleting our female essence through pushing or forcing in the name of health, as so often happens in Western health modalities for women.
Although this work is gentle, it is also deeply powerful in it’s effects on health and in connecting you with your body.

Day and Time: Thursdays from 10:30 – 11:30 AM. No class December 20 and 27.
Location: Qigong Academy, 129 Paseo del Pueblo Sur, Taos, NM in the alley next to Spotted Bear.
Qigong Academy is on the side of the building, in the alley facing Spotted Bear. We are not the business facing the main road.
Cost: $10/class or $35 for 4 classes. You have 6 weeks from the time of purchase to complete your 4 classes.
For more information about Women’s Qigong, see my Qigong for Women Facebook Page.

“A deeply empowering class: Annya’s ability to transmit living cellular female wisdom is a healing in itself, where each woman takes it is up to her.”
Ona, Taos, NM

“I feel so good after your women’s qigong class! I love doing the inner work of bringing awareness to my energy centers. It calms me down and gets me out of my head so I feel much more peaceful. After my first class I slept better than I have in a long time. You have so much experience of bringing outer movement together with inner awareness.”

Julia Ruth Claus, LMT, Taos, NM