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How I Became a Better Belly Dancer

A 7 part video series chronicling 7 important milestones in my belly dance practice which significantly improved the level of my dancing. I offer this series to inspire you to explore concepts and techniques that will propel your own dance forward.

Belly Dance Veil Tips

Ideas for choosing the right veil for you, including double veils, how to store your veils so they won’t wrinkle, and the best way to hold your veil!

Qigong Healing Sounds Meditations

A 5-part video series of the qigong healing sounds that are used to improve the health of the major organs of the body in Chinese medicine.

How to Make Time to Practice Qigong – Even if you Think You Can’t

Have you struggled to get your qigong practice going? Can’t find the time or the space? Or maybe you don’t know what to do? This free, downloadable PDF is packed with strategies and ideas, plus links to some of my qigong practice videos, to help you overcome your obstacles and get started! You’ll also find tips for doing qigong if you have mobility issues.

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