Video Clips

Annya Ishtara’s Belly Dance Performances On Video

Improvised belly dance performance on 2-14-20 at Honeymoon Brewery, Santa Fe, NM. Live music by The Tynkers, Sitara Schauer, and Meg York.









Improvised Belly Dance Performance
by Annya Ishtara

Live music by The Khans and Meg York, Santa Fe, NM, 5/28/16







Improvised Double Veil Belly Dance Performance
by Annya Ishtara
12/13/2013 National Dance Institute, Santa Fe, NM







Annya Ishtara’s Pecha Kucha Night presentation



4/4/13 at the Taos Community Auditorium, Taos, NM

This is part lecture and slideshow, part belly dance performance, in the Pecha Kucha format.

The dance starts at 3:54


Veil and Floorwork Improvisational Belly Dance Performance

by Annya Ishtara at Many Hands Many Feet Gala Weekend
November 19, 2011, Santa Fe, NM.


Annya Ishtara at the KTAO Solar Center
Improvised Belly Dance Performance
with live music by Sherefe’, Taos, NM, 3/25/11


Annya Ishtara Belly Dance Performance
at Kaya & Sadie’s Summer Workshop 2009
Improvised belly dance performance with veil.


Kalbelia Fusion Dance Performance by Annya Ishtara.
Live music by Phil Hollenbeck and Amy Maciszewski.
Metta Theater, Taos, NM on 4/15/11