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Transformative Qigong for Women – Online!

4 week class series, June 1 – 29, 2021

Details and sign up here: https://annya-ishtara-dance.com/transformative-qigong/


Alchemical Belly Dance – Online!

4 week class series, June 3 – 24, 2021

Details and sign up at: https://annya-ishtara-dance.com/alchemical-belly-dance/



Belly Dance and Qigong: What’s the Connection?


Belly dance, from the Middle East, and qigong, from China, are two ancient traditions from two different cultures, which may, at first glance, seem unrelated.

However, both of them have the power to be very rejuvenating and healing. They both have important internal energetic and external movement components that contribute to greater health and joy.

A number of fundamental belly dance movements naturally enhance the energy flows of the body that we work with in qigong. And in fact some basic belly dance moves are actually qigong practices!



So Why Would You Want to Do Belly Dancing?


In short, it’s fun!

And here are a few more reasons why you would want to do belly dance:

  • Cultivate your feminine mystery and mystique
  • Increase your strength, flexibility, balance, and energy levels
  • Celebrate your womanly curves in a dance form that embraces all body types – including yours!
  • Tap into and feel more comfortable with your sensuality
  • Have way more fun exercising and expressing yourself than doing repetitive gym exercises
  • Dance to beautiful, exotic music while wearing sparkly, jingly costumes in a super-fun, rejuvenating outlet that is just for you
  • Relieve stress, anxiety, and tension, increase your confidence, and make new friends in a safe, supportive, and fun space

Belly dance also makes you smarter, stronger, and more coordinated!




Sounds pretty good, right?

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Annya Ishtara’s veil dance creates beautiful cascades of wafting colors that seem to magically outline the musical contours in real time.  She can entice you and your floating fabric friend to soar together in partnership as well.  Her veil work is based on breath, fined tuned technique, and a high sense of aesthetics.  Her profound body awareness and warm personality give her classes grounding rare in the dance world.  Annya is a vibrant, conscientious and kind teacher in person or online.

Meg York, Musician

Denver, CO, www.MegYork.com


And What About Qigong?




Qigong is a body of ancient practices from China that have been used for thousands of years to increase health and well being, as well as to build internal power, and even attain enlightenment.

My qigong classes are all about energy because that’s where the juice is! That’s what really makes these practices effective, and often, more enjoyable.

I offer qigong classes especially for women in order to focus on the particular needs of women so that women can get optimum benefits from their qigong practice.

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