The Power of Yin: 5 Weeks of Qigong Rejuvenation for Women

A 5 week class in Taos, NM, October 22 – November 19, 2019
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Why Would You Want to Do Belly Dancing?

The short answer: It’s fun!


Here are a few more reasons why you would want to do belly dance (the long answer):

  • Celebrate your womanly curves in a dance form that embraces all body types, including yours
  • Increase your strength, grace, flexibility, balance, and energy levels so you can enjoy the meaningful things in your life with greater ease
  • Cultivate your feminine mystery and mystique while having fun
  • Dance to beautiful, exotic music while wearing sparkly, jingly costumes a super-fun, rejuvenating outlet that is just for you
  • Dance in a safe, supportive group of like-minded women and make new friends
  • Have way more fun exercising and expressing yourself than doing repetitive gym exercises
  • Tap into and feel more comfortable with your sensuality

Sounds pretty good, right?

Are you ready to start dancing?

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