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Upcoming Events


Transformative Qigong for Women – Online Class!

Time tested (1000’s of years!) movement practices for health integrated with ancient women’s wisdom to soothe and nourish your woman’s body and being.

Next series: October 3 – 31, 2023

Details and sign up here: https://annya-ishtara-dance.com/transformative-qigong/


Alchemical Belly Dance Class – In Person

Gorgeous belly dance moves seamlessly melded with life-affirming chi (life force energy) practices!

October 21 – November 18, 2023 at Little Bear Spiritual Wellness Center 1350 Paseo del Pueblo Sur Taos, NM 87571

Details here: https://annya-ishtara-dance.com/alchemical-belly-dance-series/


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Self-Study Courses


Introduction to Qigong for Women

Learn 5 short qigong routines based on fundamental concepts of Chinese medicine as they apply to women’s health. If you want to understand why qigong works and learn some short qigong practice sequences to strengthen your pelvic organs, your breasts, and have healthier hormones, this course might be for you.

Details and purchasing information here.


Transformative Qigong for Women Self Study Class

This class is a moving meditation qigong journey with a special focus on nurturing earth energy, including the spleen. It includes healing practices for the female pelvis to bring more awareness, vitality, and reverence for this powerful part of yourself.

This is an actual live recorded class of my weekly online Transformative Qigong for Women class. It’s great as a stand-alone class or as a way to experience the live weekly class before signing up for a series.

Details and purchasing information here.


Deeper Dive Qigong

This course takes you through preparation and practice of the Small Circle and Small Heaven (aka the Microcosmic Orbit) meditations. These classic qigong meditations help to balance yin and yang energies in the body, regulate heat distribution in the body, build up your protective chi, and clear away old mental/cultural programming that does not serve you. In addition, the Small Heaven practice is (in-)famous as a method for cultivating and circulating sexual energy.

Details and purchasing information here.


Clear Your Energy Field

Carrying around energy that is not yours can be draining, uncomfortable, and make it difficult to know who you are and what you want. In this 55 minute class you learn simple practices to clear away what’s not you and call your own energy back to yourself so you can feel clearer, more energized, and be more of yourself. If you feel you are super sensitive, empathic, and too easily affected by other people, you might be interested in this course. This course is excellent for body workers, counselors, and anyone who works with the public to help you clear and reset yourself after working with a client.

Details and purchasing information here. 

Belly Dance and Qigong: What’s the Connection?


Belly dance, from the Middle East, and qigong, from China, are two ancient traditions from two different cultures, which may, at first glance, seem unrelated.

However, both of them have the power to be very rejuvenating and healing. They both have important internal energetic and external movement components that contribute to greater health and joy.

A number of fundamental belly dance movements naturally enhance the energy flows of the body that we work with in qigong. And some basic belly dance moves are actually qigong practices!

Belly dance and qigong are an exquisite combination of practices for women because they each bring elements to enhance the other. Both movement forms build strength, flexibility, grace, and well-being, as well as mental sharpness. And when these practices are combined, they become even more extraordinary!

Belly dance offers beautiful music, gorgeous costuming, and personal expression, while qigong enhances presence, energy flow, and deep inner power. Together, this is a potent and yummy elixir that makes women happier, healthier, and more connected to themselves.



I wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying your classes. Combining the qigong with the belly dancing is amazing. I have been taking dance classes off and on for almost 20 years, and this is the first one where I feel completely in my body. And I have developed more core strength in the last month than with any other exercise I’ve done. I am very grateful for all that you offer.

Luz Sweet

Taos, NM

So Why Would You Want to Do Belly Dancing?


In short – it’s fun!

And here are a few more reasons why you would want to do belly dance:

  • Cultivate your feminine mystery and mystique
  • Increase your strength, flexibility, balance, and energy levels
  • Celebrate your womanly curves in a dance form that embraces all body types – including yours!
  • Tap into and feel more comfortable with your sensuality
  • Dance to beautiful, exotic music while wearing sparkly, jingly costumes in a rejuvenating outlet that is just for you
  • Feel like a goddess and increase your confidence

Belly dance also makes you smarter, stronger, and more coordinated!

Click here for class schedule and information.






Annya Ishtara’s veil dance creates beautiful cascades of wafting colors that seem to magically outline the musical contours in real time.  She can entice you and your floating fabric friend to soar together in partnership as well.  Her veil work is based on breath, fined tuned technique, and a high sense of aesthetics.  Her profound body awareness and warm personality give her classes grounding rare in the dance world.  Annya is a vibrant, conscientious and kind teacher in person or online.

Meg York, Musician

Denver, CO, www.MegYork.com


And What About Qigong?





My Transformative Qigong for Women classes are sacred connection to self and all of life. They are all about chi, or life force energy, because that’s where the juice is! That’s what really makes these practices effective, and often, more enjoyable.

Qigong is a body of ancient practices from China that have been used for thousands of years to increase health and well being, as well as to build internal power, and even attain enlightenment.

I offer qigong classes especially for women in order to focus on the particular needs of women so that women can get optimum benefits from their qigong practice.

Click here for more about qigong classes especially for women.

For most of my life I didn’t have a healthy masculine presence, so I had to be my own man and stifle my feminine side. In fact I came to believe femininity was a weakness to be purged. But that was harming me in the long run. Annya’s classes have been an important tool in reclaiming that side of myself and in healing overall. Now I move in the world differently and I notice men wanting to be “the man” and do nice things for me much more, plus I feel better in my body. I’ve even changed the way I dress. These classes are a great investment.


Santa Fe, NM