Self-Study Courses

If you like to learn at your own pace, self-study courses might be perfect for you!

All self-study courses are online and available immediately upon purchase. Happy learning!

Introduction to Qigong for Women

In this course I focus on presenting qigong practices which are relevant to women’s health, along with background information about how and why they work. The practices are easy to learn and simple to do, yet they can have profoundly positive effects when done regularly. The practices in this course encompasses gentle movement, self massage, including acupressure points, and meditation.

If you want to understand why qigong works and learn some short qigong practice sequences to strengthen your pelvic organs, your breasts, and have healthier hormones, this course might be for you. This course is highly complimentary to the weekly, live Transformative Qigong class.

Topics covered include:

  • General qigong and Chinese medicine background information to set the framework for the course
  • Grounding and setting your energy field for an effective practice
  • Specific kidney, liver, and spleen supporting practices and how these enhance women’s health
  • Tips for healthy breasts
  • Qigong to reduce stress


Clear Your Energy Field

Carrying around energy that is not yours can be draining, uncomfortable, and make it difficult to know who you are and what you want.

Conversely, when you release energy that is not yours, you know more of who you are, and you feel more comfortable, confident, energized, and clear.

In this 55 minute class you learn simple practices to clear away what’s not you and call your own energy back to yourself so you can feel clearer, more energized, and be more of yourself. If you feel you are super sensitive, empathic, and too easily affected by other people, you might be interested in this course.

This course is also excellent for body workers, counselors, and anyone who works with the public to help you clear and reset yourself after working with a client.


Transformative Qigong for Women Self Study Class

This class is a moving meditation qigong journey with a special focus on nurturing earth energy, including the spleen. It includes healing practices for the female pelvis to bring more awareness, vitality, and reverence for this powerful part of yourself.

This is a recording of a live Transformative Qigong for Women class which was offered on 8-8-23.

Doing this class on your own is an excellent way to become acquainted with the style of my weekly, live, online Transformative Qigong classes.


Deeper Dive Qigong:

The Small Circle and Small Heaven Meditations

This course gives you preparation and instruction for how to do the classic qigong meditations of the Small Circle and the Small Heavenly Circle (aka the Microcosmic Orbit), plus the qigong healing sounds.

The Small Circle and Small Heaven meditations are known to have many benefits, including:

  • moving chi through important energy channels of the body for improved energy flow to all meridians and organs
  • balancing yin and yang energies
  • building up the protective energy field of the body (known as wei chi)
  • improving overall health
  • clearing away old cultural programming, thereby bringing you into a more authentic expression of yourself.

The Small Circle and Small Heaven meditations are advanced meditations. This course includes practices to help you prepare to safely and effectively learn these meditations. However, it is strongly recommended that you already have a dedicated qigong practice prior to doing this course.


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