Transformative Qigong for Women Online

Women's Qigong and Mountain

This class is gentle but powerful!

The meditative movements and breathing of qigong help you to stay healthy, build your internal energy, soothe your nervous system, and create a loving body connection with yourself. This class helps you find your own center and clarity, connecting you with your inner wisdom.​ Each class is a movement meditation journey.

As you gently move and breathe in these qigong practices, you’ll:

  • build healthful energy in your organs and every cell of your body
  • increase the flexibility of your body
  • expand your intelligence
  • increase your intuition
  • build your protective chi (wei chi), the energy field around your body which helps protect you from “germs,” as well as unhealthy energies of a more non-physical sort
  • cultivate a loving and healing connection with your body
  • increased pelvic well being, sensation, and connection
In this class there is always a focus on healing and nourishing your female organs, both for health and function, and to help you to connect with these sacred parts of yourself for your own enjoyment, pleasure, and sense of well-being.

You will feel transformed by the end of class! Really!

This class is open to women of all ages and abilities.

Benefits of Qigong

Qigong is ancient energy practices from China that were developed to help people have optimal health and strength and to bring emotional and spiritual balance to their lives.
The word “Qigong” means  “To cultivate life force energy.” While this sounds woo woo to many westerners, qigong is scientifically proven to:
  • increase energy
  • heal adrenal fatigue
  • lower blood pressure
  • normalize heart rate
  • improve balance
  • improve bone density
  • reduce pain
  • reduce anxiety and stress
  • enhance immune function
  • the CDC endorses qigong for the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of Covid
  • according to the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry,qigong is useful for the treatment and rehabilitation of Covid
  • and much more!
Women's Qigong, taos NM

What Women Experience As a Result of This Class


At the most basic level, Qigong is wonderful for building health and well-being in the body. And, over time, through the ways that I present it, I have found that its effects go far deeper and wider than just increasing health – as if that weren’t already enough!

I’m always amazed at the feedback that I get from the women who attend the classes. I have heard things such as:

  • I feel more connected to my body
  • I feel stronger
  • I’m getting better at having good boundaries
  • I feel so relaxed and simultaneously energized
  • I feel more grounded and I know where my center is
  • I’m regaining pelvic sensation after cesarean births (and other pelvic trauma)
  • I notice old emotional trauma leaving
  • This is really yummy!
  • I’m more inspired

I feel really grateful and honored to be sharing qigong in a way that has such a far-reaching and powerful impact for women!

To get an idea of what the class is like, you can check out this self study course, which is an actual Transformative Qigong for Women class recorded on 8-8-23. Or try this self-study course from 11-21-23.

This class might be a fit for you if:

  • You want to work with the energy behind qigong movements
  • You want a deeper connection with your body
  • You want to love, honor, and support yourself more as a woman


This may not be the right class for you if:

  • You want to learn a specific qigong routine. If this is the case, you might want to check out my Introduction to Qigong for Women self study course.
  • You aren’t interested in the energy aspect of qigong.
  • You are solely looking to get some exercise in qigong class

I wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying your classes. Combining the qigong with the belly dancing is amazing. I have been taking dance classes off and on for almost 20 years, and this is the first one where I feel completely in my body. And I have developed more core strength in the last month than with any other exercise I’ve done. I am very grateful for all that you offer.

Luz Sweet

Taos, NM

For most of my life I didn’t have a healthy masculine presence, so I had to be my own man and stifle my feminine side. In fact I came to believe femininity was a weakness to be purged. But that was harming me in the long run. Annya’s classes have been an important tool in reclaiming that side of myself and in healing overall. Now I move in the world differently and I notice men wanting to be “the man” and do nice things for me much more, plus I feel better in my body. I’ve even changed the way I dress. These classes are a great investment.


Santa Fe, NM

Class Details

  • Tuesdays, June 4 – July 9, 2024. 
  • 9 – 10 AM US Mountain Time (GMT – 6)
  • Online via Zoom
  • Replays are available for 7 days after each class.
  • $90 for all 6 classes. Please sign up by at least 12 hours before class starts so you can get the link in time for class.
  • If finances are an issue, contact me about other payment options at annyaish(at)Annya- Ishtara-dance(dot)com. *Be sure to fill in the appropriate punctuation to make this a working email address.


How to Pay

To pay by credit card click the “Sign Me Up” button below.

To pay with cryptocurrency, contact me at least 24 hours before the series starts in order to make arrangements at annyaish(at)Annya-Ishtara-dance(dot)com. **Be sure to fill in the punctuation to make this a working email.**



You will receive your Zoom link for class within 24 – 48 hours of payment at the email that you used for payment. Be sure to check your spam if you don’t see it in your inbox.


You are a gentle, clear communicator and a thoughtful listener. I look forward to the continuing classes, as I integrate qigong more and more into my body and my life (and all else that those words don’t encompass!)
Susan Powers


Refund Policy

If, after the first class you are not happy with it, contact me within 48 hours and I will refund you for the remaining classes.


Recordings Policy

There are no make-up classes or refunds for missed online classes. However recordings of each class are available for 7 days after each class.

If the regular class time doesn’t work for you, it’s possible to do the Transformative Qigong class solely on the replay.

While I recommend that you attend live if possible, I have had students take the class entirely through the recordings, and they have received tons of benefit. 

If you want to do this option, know that recordings are available for 7 days after each individual class. This helps give you encouragement and accountability to actually do the class on your own time. Because, of course, if you don’t do the practice, you don’t get the benefit! 

Be aware that it is your responsibility to watch the replay within the 7 day replay period. I do not offer refunds or make ups for any classes that you were not able to view during the allotted time.

It is the student’s responsibility to know when class is happening and to be present online at the appointed time or to watch the replay within the allotted replay time.


Got More Questions?

See the Frequently Asked Questions page.  

Or *email me* at annyaish(at)Annya-Ishtara-dance(dot)com. *SUPER IMPORTANT!* Be sure to fill in the appropriate punctuation to make this a working email address.

I have been taking qigong classes, workshops, and doing qigong meditation with Annya for several years. I always feel so much better after doing it. I am able to move stagnant energy through and out of my body, which helps me feel more like myself again. Her qigong classes also help me feel more present in my lower body. I highly recommend Annya as a teacher, as well as qigong as a way to restore well being.

Deborah Hopper

Taos, NM

I went to a free Qigong intro presented by Annya at the Taos food Co-op. I enjoyed it so much that I joined a weekly class for women. I was so inspired that I asked if she would offer a qigong class at my studio. I find many beautiful overlays with the Feldenkrais Method, and I sense Annya’s extensive training and artistic skill in belly dancing informs her teaching on a deep level. I am looking forward to continued learning.

Prisca Winslow, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

Taos, NM

A deeply empowering class: Annya’s ability to transmit living cellular female wisdom is a healing in itself. Where each woman takes it is up to her.


Taos, NM