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More About Annya Ishtara Article on Gilded Serpent by Nisreen about the dance tour portion of  Annya Ishtara’s recent trip to Turkey  Article in The Taos News about the Dance Kalaidescope 2 Performance. Scroll to the end for specifics about Annya Ishtara.

General Information about Belly Dance THE comprehensive belly dance site with a vast array of information about belly dance: history, culture, costuming, song lyric translations, so much more… Great belly dance articles on how to choreograph, building a music library, and, my favorite, understanding different styles of belly dance, including many videos to illustrate what is being discussed. The Belly Dance Geek Clubhouse – oh, how I love this, being a belly dance geek myself! Free podcasts by Nadira Jamal of interviews on a variety of belly dance topics, from working as  belly dancer in Cairo in the 1980’s to costuming to teaching belly dance for fitness, all very geeky and wonderful. Sign up for the Belly Dance Geek Clubhouse to be notified of upcoming podcasts. The dancer and dance researcher Morocco’s website: articles, book recommendations, and more. English translations of belly dance songs by Sarah Malik. Her translations include song lyrics in English, transliterated Arabic, and Arabic script. She also includes as recording of each song. Wow! So complete! A free online magazine for belly dancers. Their tagline is “A Journal of Record For Middle Eastern Music, Dance, and Belly Dance.” There are so many interesting articles here on Middle Eastern culture and history as they pertain to dance and music. It’s easy to get lost in all the delicious information! There is so much first hand experience and knowledge of Egypt and Egyptian dance offered here on this blog by Sahra Kent. She often includes videos too. Glossy, full color belly dance magazine Belly dance magazine